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King of The Mods

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Being a passionate bastion of timeless British style, there’s little that gets Lord T’s 2-stroke, 150cc engine revving more than the sharp lines and unmistakable silhouette of a well put together mod outfit. Especially if this is coupled with the prospect of some seaside scooter antics in Brighton (where else) with the South Coast Mods.


For over 60 years now, the irrepressibly cool Harrington just refuses to go out of fashion, and is matched here with a Spitfire silk scarf, long sleeve Oxford shirt, soft merino cardigan, classic stone-colored chinos, and the quintessential tasselled loafers. A look for all ages. The reigning king of smart casual.


And the ride? You may recognise it. The original 1964 Vespa GS scooter, was ridden on stage by Billy Idol as popular Mod icon Ace Face. The scooter that featured on The Who’s 1996 Quadrophenia Tour, has been restored and last year went on the road to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. The best of British culture through and through.

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