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Monday, 15th Jul 2024Get To Know Seersucker – The Timeless Suit For Your Summer Season
Despite a history stretching back centuries, the seersucker is your perfect suit for this summer. Read our guide to this artfully crumpled sartorial titan. “Create myself down south / Impress all the women / Pretend I'm Samuel Clemens / Wear and white linens.” These lines, sung by the great American songwriter and chronicler Tom Petty in his song ‘Deep South’, consecrated the immortal seersucker suit in verse. Summer is the season when this centuriesold fabric comes to the fore: when the limpid stripes of a twined with are the talk of every garden party, outdoors opera, or yachting voyage. The benefits of the seersucker are as storied as its origins – so let’s take a peek at the suit’s history and fabric detailing, then the finest ways to make this summer staple sing. Seersucker: Origin story Originating in India, the cotton seersucker suit became popular with 19thcentury British settlers due to its airy disposition for those working in stifling climes. It migrated to the United States where it assumed popularity amongst blue collar workers – particularly those in the sweltering Deep South – until a haberdasher from New Orleans names Joseph Haspel repurposed it as a businessmen’s essential in 190By the 1920s, students from Princeton and other Ivy League institutions had popularized the seersucker design – most famously its pale Some famous patrons then amplified it to the masses. Notably the Duke of Windsor during the 1940s, then Gregory Peck – the latter of whom donned a threepiece seersucker in his portrayal of Atticus Finch for 1962’s To Kill A Mockingbird. The rest? Put simply, is sartorial history. Seersucker: What’s in a name? Seersucker itself is an anglicised version of the Persian words ‘shiroshaker’: meaning ‘milk and sugar’. This is in recognition of the suit’s cotton composition: soft like milk, but crumpled like mounds of sugar. This not only makes it an airier option for broiling days, but also the simplest choice when travelling to a summer nuptials or beachside bolthole. Simply pop a seersucker jacket and seersucker pants into your travelling attaché and they will emerge virtually readytowear. Those rushed calls to a hotel valet or housekeeper can thus become burdens of the past. Seersucker jackets and pants: Two ‘rights’ do not make a ‘wrong’ You don’t necessarily have to wear the seersucker pants and jackets in partnership. Either the beige or the blue would pair admirably with some Nevertheless, they scale the sartorial heights when working in lockstep. You could opt for the vintage and know that you are in a distinguished lineage of seersucker habitués. Prefer something that’s a little more subtle – yet reassuringly eyecatching? The will traverse all the grandest summer commitments. Just be mindful to not spill a postdinner Americano down your breeches… Suit up with and Seersucker suits: accessories and accoutrements The , weaved from the most coveted Toquilla straw from Ecuador, is the last word in summer seersucker accessories – combine with a blue striped suit for the definitive pairing. Elsewhere? Surely a bold patterned tie and matching pocket square – we love this effort with its intricate, summery detailing. Whilst we would gladly die on the hill of dressing for dinner, this beige striped suit also lends itself to dressing down: why not try with a and weave seamlessly from morning to sundown. The seersucker is a staple of any serious summer wardrobe. Pop your sandals on and stroll through our range of , and perhaps plump for an airy or the coolest pair of .
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3rd May 2024

From Wimbledon to Weddings: How To Dress For Summer Occasions

Summer is for special occasions. Let’s assess the proper sartorial options – from the seersucker suit, to the cotton and linen suit, to a quintessential panama hat. “Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” So spake Henry James, lauded scribe, and there’s surely no better use for a balmy afternoon than throwing on one’s favorite sartorial garbs and heading to a summer occasion – perhaps fit for royalty. Whether you’ve got the grand nuptials of a treasured niece, or a strawberries and creamstuffed afternoon strolling Wimbledon’s outer courts, we’ve knocked domes to bring you every feasible option: from an interminably dashing , to a breezy , to accessories like the immortal . The sunscreen, however? That’s up to you… Simply iconic in the seersucker suit The seersucker suit has its etymological roots in the Persian phrase “shir eu shakar” – translating loosely as “milk and sugar” in homage to its smoothyetrumpled design. It gained sartorial notoriety in the 1930s as an Ivy College standard and is now a fitting outfit for any grand summer fete. With a 100% seersucker cotton outer and the classic puckered weave helped to absorb heat from the body, you’ll feel light as air and cool as the shaved ice in your first GT. Available in or hue – to match the sky. Keeping cool in the cotton and linen suit Most summer occasions befit just a smidgen of informality at the prospect – not always fulfilled – of sunshine. The cotton and linen suit is the perfect choice, with its adroitness at dressing up or down. Pair the blue twopiece with an open for an afternoon on the lawns, or sharpen up with tie and pocket square if you’re heading to the church. The stone beige option is the last word for those who want to turn heads – a perfect ensemble with the and Permanent style in Panama hats The panama hat has a storied past dating back to 17thcentury Ecuador. Fittingly, all those in the Peter Christian range are weaved from premiumgrade Paja Toquilla straw, offering the perfect melange of shade and style for your scalp. The is the ideal option for a day at Lord’s, basking in the clunk of leather on willow, its wide brim giving the ultimate sun protection. For those who like their monocolor outfits – guilty – the blue panama will be an attentiongrabbing compadre for the We like smart shorts. You like smart shorts. A man cannot survive on suits alone, especially under the midsummer sun’s blaze. These smart dress shorts come in a medley of hues – from seasonal allrounder , to effortlessly , to the pinkish for those of a nattier disposition. Pair with this for a livelier soiree, where the spritz’s fly faster than the bonmots. Feeling brave? Smarten up with a for the ultimate lowkey, highstakes look that can traverse day and night – provided the weather allows, of course. Forever preppy in the polo shirt The item is indelibly linked with Wimbledon and Fred Perry – the only British tournament victor for nearly a century. Therefore – presuming you haven’t lent on your associates for a seat in the Royal Box, in which case we would avert you to the – there’s no better environment for a box fresh polo shirt. Try the with its subtle striped detailing and bespoke Peter Christian duelling hares. Up the preppiness by pairing with a pair of lightweight and – perfect for the yacht or dockside. Stay for one last summer dance in the short sleeve shirt A considered choice of short sleeve shirt will elevate your summer occasion outfit, whatever the celebration. The subtle lines of the will dreamily pair with the – a cross between jeans and chinos, perfect for a chillier evening where the wind whips straight off the hills. The is manna for the goodliving man who can wilt in the heat, especially when tucked underneath a and levelled up with a superior Take a sundappled perambulation through our trove of summer sartorial treats – from the iconic to the allrounder , and our raft of summer accoutrements including the
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8th Feb 2024

From Princess Anne to David Gandy: Why Is Everyone Still Wearing Tweed?

A new catwalk collection hailed the stylings of Princess Anne – including her penchant for tweed. We’ve donned our eyeglass to explore why this royal staple is a style perennial. A recent dispatch in engrossed the beard scratchers at Peter Christian HQ. It concerned a new collection from the haute couture brand, Fendi, that was inspired by Princess Anne. The kicker? Said capsule – which contained jackets in homage to the monarchal heavyweight – was aimed at men. There has been a recent vogue for the humble becoming a sartorial choice for the rich, famous or impeccably dressed. Male supermodel David Gandy has advocated the while fashion powerhouses like Yves Saint Laurent, Issy Miyake and Walter Zenga have recently released tweed lines. So what is it about this totemic British design that stirs such patronage? Let’s start by rewinding over 200 years, to its birth on windbattered looms. Tweed rose from the land: specifically the heatherpocked hills of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides archipelago and the mainland’s western shore. It is most associated with the Isle of Harris – which received a 1993 parliamentary order to ensure the immortal could only be spun on the island of its birth – but it was also popular in Ireland: home of the reliably emerald . Composed of dyed sheep’s wool and traditionally using hues that mirrored the ground on which they were sewn, tweed was originally built for croft owners and their employees. As such it needed to be hearty and rain resistant to withstand those brutal north Atlantic weather systems. Accounts differ but 1848 marks a landmark moment in tweed’s evolution to style perennial. A trend had caught hold amongst the British gentry for purchasing Scottish country estates, where the smell of gun smoke hung heavy on the wind. One such person was Queen Victoria’s husband, Albert, who purchased the sprawling Balmoral estate from the Farquharson family: an ancient Scottish clan who now over five million connected descendants worldwide. Albert commissioned the Balmoral tweed – a granite grey base with flecks of red and blue that (whilst we wouldn’t say this in front of royalty) perhaps lacks the natty dapperness of items like a classic . Nevertheless, thereafter, every estate owner craved their own bespoke design. The – matched with accoutrements like the and – became a modish mainstay of genteel Britain: its ubiquitousness eventually filtering down through the classes where it was adapted by youth movements like the Mods, whose interests were less about duck hunts and more dancing all night on Wigan Pier. So what’s been driving its recent resurgence to high fashion design of choice? Globally popular TV shows like The Crown and Downton Abbey have made the fashion choices of the upper classes a permanent fixture on our screens. Plus, in a conscious era where our clothes’ provenance and durability is of increasing importance, tweed kicks against the grain of fast fashion. Princess Anne herself is president of the UK Fashion and Textiles Association and has previously said we “need materials that can do more than one evolution of fashion.” She might well have been talking about our immortal tweed that, over 200 years since its genesis at the fingertips of Scottish loomers, continues to set the trend. Has your intrigue in tweed been piqued? Take a look through our or . Alternatively, a will pair adroitly with a .
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22nd Nov 2023

9 Premium Men’s Grooming Products For The Perfect Christmas Gift

Present buying is a fiddly affair. We’ve picked the perfect selection of quality men’s grooming products that will enliven any Christmas stocking. There’s little so dispiriting as opening one’s presents on a snowdusted Christmas morn, only to find a trove of unwanted gifts. Fortunately we know the perfect filling for a thoughtful Christmas bootee – quality that will flatter any man’s visage and give him the redolence of King Charlie himself. To aid your quest for the festive present par excellence we’ve gathered up our finest men’s grooming products from our aisles. Joyeux Noel! MÜHLE Chrome Silvertip Badger & Safety Razor Shaving Set This elegant chrome shaving set will not only make your face gleam with prosperity, but be a fine adornment for any bathroom. Comprising a silvertip badger shaving brush, closed comb safety razor and stand, it’s the perfect gift for the adroitly groomed gentleman. Brown Loake Leather Thames Wash Bag Whether heading to the slopes or the shore, a is vital to keep one’s trinkets safely en place. This elegant brown example is cleaved from finest calf leather and tastefully emblazoned with the Loake logo – the mark of immortal quality and taste. MÜHLE Porcelain Dish & Sea Buckthorn Shaving Soap A man making use of a shaving brush needs material to lather his chin and neckline. This is rich in palmitic acid, helping to lock moisture into skin parched by razor blades and winter winds. Paired with a stylish porcelain dish for a premium men’s product. Musgo Real Classic Scent Soap on a Rope The soap on a rope was invented in the 1940s. It’s the perfect gift for the traveling – or charmingly forgetful – buck for whom is next to godliness. Available in aromatic options – and . MÜHLE 2Piece Safety Razor & Stand Shaving Set A streamlined version of the threepiece set – but no less sophisticated. This attaches a classic R89 razor to a chromeplated stand. A classic design and you’d expect nothing less from this company formed in 1945 by Otto Johannes Müller in his lowly laundry room. Musgo Real Classic Shaving cream If you’ve bought the set, why not complete the gift with some premium shaving cream? Musgo Real have been creating since 1920, blending over a century’s experience into this light moisturiser with top notes of patchouli, neroli and bergamot. Also available in warming and a zestful . Musgo Real Black Edition Shaving Cream We must just make a special mention of this special black version of the Portuguese artisan’s shaving cream. We adore the retro black and gold colourway of its design, plus its bass notes including vetiver and heady cedar. A lithe companion for the most ruddy of chins. Men’s Luxury Navy and Red Striped Velour Robe With this luxurious , one can circulate through one’s ablutions with comfort and grace. Weaved from 100% cotton and with a toweling inner, it’s also the perfect garment to adorn before one’s slippers in the morning. Next stop: dispatch the hound before a settling brew with the financials. 5 Pack Dotty Handkerchiefs Winter is the season of sniffles, but with these five natty hankies you’ll stay stylish whatever the weather. 100% cotton so soft as air for your nose, they can also double up as fetching pocket squares. Strap on those boots and take a wintry stroll through our cache of quality . From our exquisite to our .
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