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Our princely men's pajamas are cut for comfort and made for relaxing and recouping, as well as sleeping like the proverbial baby. So comfy, you'll contentedly linger over the crossword and pour yourself a third cup of tea before realizing you have guests arriving for Sunday roast in less than an hour. It’s imperative that our loungewear is 100% cotton, right across the range, or it won’t pass muster. Warm yet breathable, there’s no fabric like it to induce a restful night’s sleep. Be certain to check out our entire loungewear range - after all, pajamas need slippers and what are slippers without a dressing gown?

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Woven Stripe Pajamas
5 / 5 (3 Reviews)
Fine Cotton Striped Pajamas
4.7 / 5 (29 Reviews)

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