Is there any greater sartorial emblem of Britishness than a tweed jacket? Read on as we pay homage to the legend of Harris Tweed.

Roast dinners. The Dog and Duck. A clunk of leather on willow across a gleaming village green. Our dear Lilibet. These are all icons of our gallant isle, and we must bequeath the immortal Harris Tweed to this canon.

You wouldn’t, believe it or not, have spied a Harris Tweed jacket far beyond an Outer Hebridean croft until the mid 19th-century. 1846 saw the demise of the Isle of Harris’ landowner – one Earl of Dunmore – and his widow replaced their clan tartan with the local Harris Tweed. Thereafter it spread like heather towards the mainland, where it garnered a unique parliamentary law to maintain its provenance and good name. It’s a true totem, so here is our guide to men’s Harris Tweed.

Rain, rain (come again)

The Harris Tweed suit was originally a mainstay of the island’s farmers, thus built to withstand regular Hebridean downpours. A 100% wool suit – with the Bracken Brown men’s Harris Tweed jacket at its axis – is the gentlemen’s choice for a yomp across the fens with dark clouds above. Don’t fancy getting soaked before supper? It lends itself adroitly to an afternoon in the closest Inn, availing yourself with beakers of foaming Spitfire.

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Harris Tweed Jacket Colors

Natty for life (and the beloved wife)

You may consider tweed to be a shade of brown, but peer closely at the weave and a phantasmagoria of hues are revealed. Blues, purples, oranges, red and yellows are all crucial components, making the men’s tweed outfit perfect for natty accoutrements. Try some luxury mustard bamboo socks or an iridescent pocket square in your jacket to turn heads – including that of your betrothed – whilst striding through the country club scrum.

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Harris Tweed Harrington Jacket

The nifty Fifties (reassuringly non-thrifty)

The Harris Tweed Harrington Jacket takes the archetypal Harris tweed – woven on Outer Hebridean looms to this day – and twins it with a sartorial soupçon of the 1950s. The two-button fastening collar will inspire nostalgia in any Steve McQueen aficionado, and make it the perfect outer garment for an afternoon spent cruising county lanes in one’s most cherished roadster. Want to put the pedal to the sartorial metal? Twin with driving gloves and turn that transistor radio skywards.
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Men's Dents Leather Driving Gloves

Dressing down (whilst dressing up)

Many families consider it the peak of incivility to not adorn one’s back with a jacket for Sunday table. Whatever your position, a tweed suit leaves you with the perfect dress-down option for après dinner relaxation. Dispense of your jacket – with one palm astride a favoured hound – and let a tweed vest do the talking whilst mama’s famous blancmange digests.

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Harris Tweed Suit Vest

Pop a discerning head into our trove of tweed attire. We’ve got you effortlessly covered – whether you’re seeking a Harris Tweed jacket or tweed suit.

What is Tweed?

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