There’s no more crucial component to spring style than the ever-versatile chino pants. Read on for our gentleman’s guide to chinos.

The versatility of chino pants was forged in the foothills of war. Originally devised in 1848 by Lt Harry Lumsden of the British military as a cooler pantaloon for his heavily garlanded men in India, the name itself was coined by American troops stationed in the Philippines during the 19th-century Spanish-American conflict. The source for their lightweight twill cotton pants? China – with “chinos” meaning “Chinese” in the local Spanish tongue.

Nowadays the humble-but-handsome chino is an ideal compadre for the gentleman spring sartorialist, during a season when showers or chilly zephyrs are as frequent as the beating sun. So here’s our guide to men’s chinos – always putting the prima in primavera.

Men's Chino Pants

Dressing down (whilst dressing up)

Heading for a riverside walk and a pint of Harvey’s on a bright spring weekend? Shorts, of course, are an option. But if your pins are still eggshell hued then men’s chino pants can provide the anchor for a casual, preppy, ensemble. First: a gleaming white tee. Thereafter an open short-sleeved shirt for a considered look that can lead you through the evening. Finish off with a light baker boy hat for a soupçon of British post-war elan.

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Men's Stone Chinos

Caught in the middle

Whilst we adore the laissez-faire approach of an open shirt, it’s not always appropriate for a gentleman to publicly avail himself of such casual livery. Perhaps you’re popping round to a neighbour for a garden party and need to take a smarter approach, but still feel relaxed in the heat? Simply add a buttoned check shirt to the chinos and white tee. For those fond of turning heads, turn up the sartorial temperature with a red, green or even pink chinos.

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Men's Red Chinos

Flat-fronted for the modern man

Chino pants have been rendered immortal by the patronage of icons like Steve McQueen. His most famous onscreen pair was the flat-fronted chinos adorned in The Great Escape, and this cut bequeaths a contemporary style. Carrying a little timber? The discreet expanding comfort waistband allows the ideal amount of give, ideal for the fine-living, modern buck peering down the barrel of a tasting menu at Le Manoir.

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Com-pleat the traditional look

Consider yourself more of a pants traditionalist? You may prefer the single-pleated men’s chino pants. They still have the requisite expanding comfort waistband and french bearer, but the single waist-adjacent pleats help the pants attract a neater cut. Heading out and faced with an unscheduled spring shower? Pair with a raincoat and you’ll stay dry while staying the right shade of sharp.

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Men's Green Jeanos

Keen(o) for Jeanos

Perhaps you can’t bear the thought of dispensing with your treasured denim leggings? Perhaps you’ve been put off by the modish young men wearing their chino pants at a cut above their (presumably goose-pimpled) ankles? Dispense ye fears, for the jeano is here. Comprised of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, these bespoke Peter Christian pants are lightweight and supremely comfortable for your derriere. They provide a more relaxed alternative to the chino whilst, when paired with a long-sleeve shirt, offering the satrorial axis for a spring evening on a twinkling terraza.

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