A men’s crew neck sweater twins style with substance – these handsome variations will keep you toasty all winter long.

Legend dictates that the men’s crew neck sweater was invented by the American football player Benjamin Russel Jr in 1926, to replace the heavy wool adornments he normally trained in.

Since then, this iconic neckline has evolved from the white gridiron lines of Alabama to Europe’s hills and lauded halls. Whether you’re looking to deflect Gaelic winds with an Aran sweater or stride like a Scandi with the Norwegian sweater – it is the mode to sustain you until Spring. Let’s peruse the quintessential styles.

Winter winds, no match for Aran

Ireland and America have a rich cultural symbiosis and nowhere is this more sartorially evident than the men’s Aran sweater. Named after the three-island archipelago at the mouth of Galway Bay, this 100% lambswool piece is woven in County Mayo. The traditional Aran stitch of this men’s crew neck sweater is as recognisable as the creamy head of a perfectly rested Guinness. The ideal ally to a night’s raconteuring in a rural tavern.

Peruse our trove of Aran sweater

From Norway, with love

“Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær.”

For those of you lacking fluency in the Norwegian tongue, this classic Norse idiom roughly translates as: “There is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothes.” It is a sentiment with which we feel kinship and nowhere is that more evident than our bespoke Norwegian sweaters. The 100%, natural-made wool twins with the flecked design and nautical striped cuff to make something both handsome and rugged.

Head to the sturdy North with our men’s Norwegian sweaters

Winter apparel, Italian heart

Knitwear need not be heavy. The merino crew neck sweater is woven from 100% Italian wool – warm yet airy, and stylish as a glass of chilled Gavi overlooking teal Amalfi waters. A simple navy is perhaps the textbook hue but it’s available in a swathe of natty colors – including leaf, gold and a natty duck egg blue – that will garner the approval of any crowd.

Relax with elan in our men’s merino crew neck sweater

The fairest of isles makes the fairest of jumpers

The Fairisle crew neck sweater takes its name from the diminutive island from which its unique style derives. Sitting midway between Orkney and Shetland – a ferry’s ride from Scotland’s northern coast – these sweaters are the stylishly snug way to protect yourself from the chill of ocean spray. Knitted in 100% lambswool and with an intricate design that has been the favor of English royals since the 1920s. It is a wool crew neck sweater of both style and substance.

Get toasty with our Fairisle crew neck sweater

Gentlemen, it’s frosty out there. Warm up like the proverbial butter on a crumpet with a fresh wool crew neck sweater. Perambulate this way for the Aran sweater, Norwegian sweater and merino crew neck sweater.

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