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26 June 2023

A Sartorialist`s Style Guide For Summer Event Season


Summer brings a surfeit of social obligations. From men’s linen suits, to lightweight men’s chinos or impeccable men’s summer hats – we’ve got you covered.

Summer is Pimm’s on the lawn, Glyndebourne at twilight, and the tinkle of spoon on glass at a nephew’s nuptials. But the season’s high temperatures and multitudinous dress codes can cause distress when it comes to our vestments. When are men’s chinos appropriate? A wool, three-piece or lightweight men’s linen suit? Dare you doff a men’s summer hat?

Fortunately, we’ve clubbed our most nattily adorned heads together to compile a gentleman’s styling guide for summer events. So step out and stand out: just don’t forget the sunscreen.

Stay loose in men’s linen suits

There are sartorial squares who sneer at the thought of linen, with its tendency to crease and wrinkle. We protest that the men’s linen suit is the ideal way to segue from late-morning church bells to the first dance, without shedding a bead of sweat.

The traditional may opt for this lightweight navy – Riviera-hued – with its slimming flat-fronted pants offering some leeway for those who gustily attacked the wedding breakfast. Looking to shine a little brighter? The stone men’s lined suit will turn heads as night bends to morn. Flair up with a floral pocket square and tie. Salute!

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Step out in men’s chinos

Men’s chinos can transcend any summer soiree – from a day at Lord’s to an evening on the Lordship lawns. The lightweight tropical chinos are a must. Weighing several ounces less than our normal chinos, they’ll keep your pins well aired: if it’s a casual affair, you could pair them with espadrilles and a youthful red Hawaiian shirt.

If you like your summer leggings to match your colorful joie de vivre, then you might like to try the strikingly cool sky blue flat front chinos. Twin with a striped shirt and nubuck leather boat shoe to strike a beguiling nautical pose: divine for a Cowes Week and glass of Cuvée 450.

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What the blazers

If you’re attending an event where a jacket is suitable but no tie required – perhaps a ribaldry-packed reunion with boarding house chums – then marrying the men’s chino with our lightweight navy cotton canvas blazer will strike a casual-but-considered chord. Smarten up this affair with a vibrant pocket square and a men’s summer hat.

If you’re looking to become a true summer Sartorialist, there’s no smoother option than a seersucker jacket. Dating back to 1909, it was designed for the hottest climes. With its baby blue pin stripes and eye-catching buttons, it’ll pair perfectly with some navy men’s chinos.

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Keep a cool head in men’s summer hats

Whether you’re donning a hat out of necessity or stylish affectation, they add a rakish flourish to any outfit. The handmade regimental Panama hat is the final word. Its wide brim will keep the sun out of your eyes – ideal for a long day at the races – and the tongues wagging. Looking for something a little more casual? The lightweight straw fedora will admirably pass muster for any daytime soiree.

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It’s toasty out there and the invitations are hitting the doormat thick and fast. Navigate all occasions with our men’s linen suits, men’s chinos, lightweight blazers and trough of men’s summer hats.

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