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24 April 2023

A Gentleman’s Guide To Spring Summer Wardrobe Essentials


The sun has (finally) got its hat on – and so should you. Peruse our guide to spring summer wardrobe essentials.

Have you smelt the air recently? Blossom on the breeze and sizzling sausages on an outdoor hearth. Spring has truly sprung and with it comes a volte-face in our sartorial necessities: bright colors and lighter fabrics arrive, twining seamlessly with those long Amalfi nights. With the sun gently toasting our backs, let’s guide you through our cache of spring/summer wardrobe essentials.


Espadrilles and boat shoes: footwear for fancy feet

Whether you’re on a freshly scrubbed deck or newly cut grass, spring and summer shoes should be light on material but heavy on élan. Slip-on navy Geox Espadrilles are perfect for daytime loping – especially with their rubber soul offering support for those who tread heavy – and eye-catching in red.

Or perhaps another design classic? The boat shoe. Preppy and North American-inspired, they are as stylish alongside daytime shorts as with evening chinos. Our navy and brown boat shoe are arguably the iconic colorway.

Stride the prom in summer shoes


Peacock proudly in colourful polo shirts

Looking for the encapsulation of spring/summer smart casual? Try the polo shirt: perfect for the tennis court or balmy veranda and airily light in 100% cotton. Perhaps the red cotton polo shirt, with its contrasting design refinements that make it snap, or the blue striped.

Pucker up with polo shirts


Cool in cotton jackets

Looking to layer up? A cotton jacket is your weekend suitcase essential. The Seersucker Jacket will render you company for the most genteel of dinner tables while the chore jacket – also available in corduroy – is a harder-wearing option that’ll pair with a gleaming tee or light scarf.

Stay cool in cotton jackets


Eloquently chill in chinos

If there’s any leggings that announce “Provence promenade” louder than chinos, we are yet to see them. The flat-fronted chino bequeaths a slimmer profile while the lightweight tropical chinos are several ounces lighter: perfect if you’re headed to hotter climes. Dare you turn heads and hearts with a bolder hue? The pink nantucket Jeano (a combination of jeans and chino: praise be!) will be up your sartorial Strasse.

Pick up a pair of chinos


Wowzers drawstring trousers

Our drawstring pants are as adroit a blend as claret and cheese. Chinos? Check. Jogger-style comfort? 100% organic in Sand Brown, they’ll pair with any outfit and leave you plenty of space to attack that Barolo and burrata with gusto.

Exude comfort and panache with drawstring pants


Hats for heat and handsome heads

A Regimental Panama Hat, handmade from the finest genuine Paja Toquilla straw, is the final word in imperial styling for your gentleman’s pate. Our trilby hats are perfect for the golf club and available in four zingy colors: try the green Snap Brim Summer Trilby with brown trim to stay harmonised with the fairways. A true spring/summer wardrobe essential.

Hit the heights of style with our hats


We like short shorts (but knee length is more discerning)

A man cannot keep his pins under wraps forever. These chino-style cotton pleated shorts are ideal for springtime strolls – especially when paired with a polo shirt. Our stretch front shorts are more relaxed but whipsmart enough to circuit a lunchtime terraza, whilst the striped linen flat front patterned shorts will keep you à la mode at the beach. Try the bronze check if you dare.

Feel the sun on your legs with our shorts


Colorful socks for colorful gents

We adore the heavy weave of a brown yomping sock but spring and summer are the time to adorn one’s ankles with color. Our HJ Softop 7 sock pack will see through the warmer seasons – with hues from Cyan, to Rose, or Mint. Endorsed by The Institute Of Chiropodists & Podiatrists and packing ventilated panels for comfort, match yours to the color of that evening’s libations.

Color up with our kaleidoscopic sock selection

Take a peek through our spring/summer wardrobe essentials. For men who do know better. From summer shoes to polo shirts or the indomitable chinos.

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