Enraptured by the Peaky Blinders’ vintage style? Capture their ambience with tweed jackets, a Harris Tweed cap, plus an early 20th-century immortal – the tweed suit.

We’d wager that every noble British buck sees a soupçon of themselves in Peaky Blinders’ Thomas Shelby. Perhaps it’s his granite-clad sense of honour, or the haunting wartime past? While these may help forge our kinship with Birmingham’s most eloquently chiselled criminal, it’s the suits and apparel where our affinity takes root.

Whether it’s a three-piece tweed suit or lavishly lapelled overcoat, Mr Shelby and his associates revel in classic sartorial forms. Peaky Blinders may have become a kind of nom de plume for unfortunate British fancy dress of late but it’s possible to acquire the look with elan – and twin with your own quintessential style. Choose a harris tweed cap or nattier tweed jacket.

Lord Trousers Look - Downtime Tweed

Lock down the overcoat look

Picture Thomas, Arthur and John striding into a shootout and you’ll see the tails of a heavy overcoat swishing gallantly in their wake. A Houndstooth Harris Tweed Overcoat – 100% wool, naturally – will provide the axis for any attention-grabbing outfit. Twin with a baker boy hat, woven by master British hat crafters Failsworth from Outer Hebridean wool, and ideal for the pub or the shivery peaks.

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Increase the three-piece

You could posit that the heavy, woollen charcoal three-piece suit – reeking of tobacco and gunsmoke – is the definitive Peaky Blinders style affectation. A Harris tweed three-piece is the perfect way to replicate that look with just a flash of gentleman’s relish. Originally developed for Hebridean farmers, this utterly classic tweed suit is rugged and crafted to survive – just like Thomas himself.

Peruse the Harris Tweed three-piece

Men's Harris Tweed Suit

Waste not, waistcoat

Whether urban warlord or genteel landlord, a vest is a linchpin of any early-20th century outfit. A Harris Tweed version of this imperishable style, available hued in Bracken, Lichen, Marine or Mist – ensures the bearer will be taken seriously, whether on the commute or at the clubhouse. Pair with an exquisite pocket watch – chrome-plated by the heritage horologists Woodford – to ensure you’ll always stay on Shelby time.

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Tie him up

The Peaky Blinders can often accessorise with a penny collar shirt. Whilst we revere this style, there are myriad social liaisons when a gentleman can feel perfectly exposed without his neck adorned. Dress up or dress down with a Shetland Wool Tie – exquisite when paired with noble cohorts like a tweed suit or jacket.

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Men's Wool Tie

Braced for battle

Suspenders may hide in plain sight but any aficionado of Peaky Blinders tailoring knows the Shelby’s could not be seen at any social soiree without them. Albert Thurston has been making superior gentleman’s accoutrements since the 1820s – the ultimate *chef’s kiss* when paired with a jacket.

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Armband of brothers

Beloved of poker players, snooker sharks and the Shelby brethren, armbands are manna for anyone who wants to tighten up their sleeves.

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Survey our gentleman’s cache of Peaky Blinders-era attire. Come through for tweed and three-piece suits.

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