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22 November 2023

9 Premium Men’s Grooming Products For The Perfect Christmas Gift


Present buying is a fiddly affair. We’ve picked the perfect selection of quality men’s grooming products that will enliven any Christmas stocking.

There’s little so dispiriting as opening one’s presents on a snow-dusted Christmas morn, only to find a trove of unwanted gifts. Fortunately we know the perfect filling for a thoughtful Christmas bootee – quality men’s grooming products that will flatter any man’s visage and give him the redolence of King Charlie himself.

To aid your quest for the festive present par excellence we’ve gathered up our finest men’s grooming products from our aisles. Joyeux Noel!


MÜHLE Chrome Silvertip Badger & Safety Razor Shaving Set

This elegant chrome shaving set will not only make your face gleam with prosperity, but be a fine adornment for any bathroom. Comprising a silvertip badger shaving brush, closed comb safety razor and stand, it’s the perfect gift for the adroitly groomed gentleman.

Keep it close with the MÜHLE Chrome Silvertip Badger & Safety Razor Shaving Set


Brown Loake Leather Thames Wash Bag

Whether heading to the slopes or the shore, a wash bag is vital to keep one’s trinkets safely en place. This elegant brown example is cleaved from finest calf leather and tastefully emblazoned with the Loake logo – the mark of immortal quality and taste.

Adorn your luggage with the brown Loake Thames wash bag


MÜHLE Porcelain Dish & Sea Buckthorn Shaving Soap

A man making use of a shaving brush needs material to lather his chin and neckline. This sea buckthorn shaving soap is rich in palmitic acid, helping to lock moisture into skin parched by razor blades and winter winds. Paired with a stylish porcelain dish for a premium men’s grooming product.

Brush up elegantly with the MÜHLE porcelain dish & sea buckthorn shaving soap


Musgo Real Classic Scent Soap on a Rope

The soap on a rope was invented in the 1940s. It’s the perfect gift for the traveling – or charmingly forgetful – buck for whom grooming is next to godliness. Available in aromatic options – classic and black charcoal.

Never go without the Musgo Classic Scent Soap on a Rope


MÜHLE 2-Piece Safety Razor & Stand Shaving Set

A streamlined version of the three-piece set – but no less sophisticated. This attaches a classic R89 razor to a chrome-plated stand. A classic design and you’d expect nothing less from this company formed in 1945 by Otto Johannes Müller in his lowly laundry room.

Shop the MÜHLE 2-Piece Safety Razor & Stand Shaving Set


Musgo Real Classic Shaving cream

If you’ve bought the set, why not complete the gift with some premium shaving cream? Musgo Real have been creating men’s grooming products since 1920, blending over a century’s experience into this light moisturiser with top notes of patchouli, neroli and bergamot. Also available in warming spiced citrus and a zestful orange amber.

Stave off winter dryness with Musgo classic shaving cream


Musgo Real Black Edition Shaving Cream

We must just make a special mention of this special black version of the Portuguese artisan’s shaving cream. We adore the retro black and gold colourway of its design, plus its bass notes including vetiver and heady cedar. A lithe companion for the most ruddy of chins.

Go retro with the Musgo Real black edition shaving cream


Men’s Luxury Navy and Red Striped Velour Robe

With this luxurious red and striped velour robe, one can circulate through one’s ablutions with comfort and grace. Weaved from 100% cotton and with a toweling inner, it’s also the perfect garment to adorn before one’s slippers in the morning. Next stop: dispatch the hound before a settling brew with the financials.

Keep regally toasty with this navy and red striped velour robe


5 Pack Dotty Handkerchiefs

Winter is the season of sniffles, but with these five natty hankies you’ll stay stylish whatever the weather. 100% cotton so soft as air for your nose, they can also double up as fetching pocket squares.

Stay stylish despite the cold with a 5 pack dotty handkerchiefs

Strap on those boots and take a wintry stroll through our cache of quality men’s grooming products. From our exquisite razor shaving set to our Musgo Real shaving cream.

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