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Tweed Jackets

From humble farmers to landed-gentry, tweed has for centuries been a fabric to traverse boundaries of class and status. Rich in heritage, rugged and woven with charm, our vast range of tweed jackets combine confident masculinity with exceptional tailoring. Whether you’re a Donegal man who likes a little effervescence in their cloth or a Harris purist, our exclusive collection of fully-lined, 100% wool (obviously) tweed jackets caters for all inclinations. Whilst some styles and fabrics fall in and out of favour from season-to-season, the tweed jacket never seems to stray too far from stylish, whilst being both hardy and wholly practical. The sartorial menswear all-rounder.

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Harris Tweed Jacket Lichen
Harris Tweed Jacket Marine
Harris Tweed Jacket Mist
Harris Tweed Jacket Burdock
Donegal Tweed Jacket Herringbone Kelp
Donegal Tweed Jacket Herringbone Ocean
Action Back Jacket

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7 Item(s)