Merino Wool - Peter Christian

What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is the finest yarn known to man - or woman come to that.

The softest, silkiest of all the wools, Merino is gathered from one sole species: the Merino sheep. This hardy, ancient breed originates from Andalucia in Spain but is now selectively bred in Australia and New Zealand, the new centres of Merino wool production.

Merino Wool - Peter Christian

Whilst prized for its wool, the Merino sheep is a fairly disagreeable-looking critter with gnarled curly horns and a beastly look in his eye. But despite his grizzly façade, there is no other creature more uniquely suited to their harsh, mountainous environment, protected by the special qualities of its fantastic fleece.

The Quality of Merino Wool

The Merino sheep has wool that’s fit for a king - the King of Spain no less, who liked the wool so much that in the 18th Century he banned its export from Spanish soils. We get a bit protective over our cardigans too...

The same qualities that dazzled a king still remain in Merino wool to this day. On average it is five times finer than the human hair, and the fibres of the yarn have a natural crimp which trap air, insulating you from winter’s worst. It has more than 100 crimps per inch making it much finer than lambswool or cashmere. Some other woollen products can be a little uncomfortable against the skin but Merino, has none of the scratchiness of lambswool - and is less prone to piling.

Merino Knitwear - Peter Christian

The fine knit also has the added benefit of being highly breathable, and has a natural ‘wicking’ quality, that draws perspiration away from the skin. This makes Merino ideal for layering; either draped over a Linen Shirt at a summer sundowner, or warm as toast under Harris Tweed.

Another notable quality of the Merino sheep’s wool is that it is rich in the naturally occurring oil lanolin, that, in addition to making the fibres silky and glossy, also lends the wool its antibacterial properties. This gives Merino garments a natural deodorising effect.

Peter Christian Merino Wool

Our extra-fine Australian Merino wool, is spun in the foothills of the Alps by Zegna Baruffa, one of the world’s oldest and most respected spinners of yarn. The Baruffa group have been producing quality Merino wool since 1924 and have built up a reputation for the finest woollen knitwear on offer.

Merino Knitwear - Peter Christian

You’ll likely have noticed that we embrace colour here at Peter Christian, and our Merino range sings a rainbow. We recommend you restrict your outfits to three colours at most, and add in a patterned accessory. We have knitwear styles fit to suit any occasion: polo neck, crew neck, v-neck, slipovers, waistcoats and cardigans. We’re sure you’ll find something to compliment your wardrobe.

Merino wool is our perennial favourite here at Peter Christian, and whether we are sipping a summer cup at a village fete or catching forty winks in front of a roaring fire, you’ll likely find us dressed in Merino wool.