Corduroy - Strike A Cord


11/09/2017 09:00


orduroys appeal to the casual dresser, and have earned their place in our wardrobes. They add versatility with the cord, or ‘wale’, thickness coming in varying sizes. From the crisp, cool and lightweight thinner jean cut cords suited for autumn and summer to the warm and softer chunky trouser cut cords taking the limelight in the winter months.

Peter Christian Corduroy Trousers

Moss Green County Corduroy Trousers

Corduroys look best paired with shirts or sweaters and adding a blazer if needed. Coming in a plethora of colours, things won’t get stale in the trouser department when corduroys are on the menu. From being a crisp new pair of trousers, to well-worn trusty strides you will always stand out with a pair of corduroys.

From musicians to film directors, corduroy has weaved its way in and out of the showbiz industry through the years.

Corduroy Suit - Wes Anderson

Source: 'What's Wrong With Wes Anderson?'

Wes Anderson, director of The Royal Tenenbaum’s, is often seen enjoying a full cord suit, so much so he even fashioned a corduroy suit for his fantastic Mr Fox creation. Even the notorious Django unchains himself from slavery and dons a trusty corduroy jacket. Good choice Django!

Corduroy Suit - Elton John

Source: 'The Right (and Very Wrong) Ways to Wear Corduroy'

Imagine if everyone wore cords as thick as Elton John did in his heyday; it would certainly keep the heating bills down! In fact as Britain’s homes have become increasingly centrally heated, the thickness of our fabrics have dramatically decreased. But this hardwearing fabric has never died out, perpetually rising from the ashes and back onto our streets. The fondness of cords comes mainly from its durable composition and being luxuriously soft to the touch, a desired trait for country-centric clothing, needed to be traipsed through thorny thickets and withstand hours by wood burning stoves.


Lord T

Soft Corduroy Jacket
County Corduroy Pants Tan
County Corduroy Pants Moss Green
County Corduroy Pants Toffee
County Corduroy Pants Red
County Corduroy Pants Navy Blue
County Corduroy Pants Corn Yellow
County Corduroy Pants Conker Brown
Needle Cord Jeans Emerald Green
Needle Cord Jeans Gold
Needle Cord Jeans Indigo Blue
Needle Cord Jeans Chestnut Brown
County Corduroy Pants Burgundy Red