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Rare: very early WHO from '64. Merino knitwear, needlecord jeans, suede desert boots and shades.



Lord T's Journal

Lord Trousers is the nickname of Peter Christian managing director Nick Alderton.
His Lordship, descendent of the family business “Alderton Tailors” established in 1860, founded Peter Christian in 2003 to address the general demise of the high street gentleman’s outfitter.
If you have the time, peruse Lord Trousers’ Journal to glean sartorial secrets and tips dressed up with nonsense, wit and whimsy.

No Moles Were Harmed...

10/5/2017 9:00 AM

No Moles Were Harmed - Moleskin

There has recently been a resurgence amongst some of my circle in workwear; the hardwearing utility garments sported by generations of French roadsweepers and Ealing comedy warehousemen. While utility wear is not exactly my style, there is a good reason that these garments endure and stand the test of time.

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Strike A Cord!

9/11/2017 9:00 AM

Strike A Cord

Corduroys appeal to the casual dresser, and have earned their place in our wardrobes. They add versatility with the cord, or ‘wale’, thickness coming in varying sizes. From the crisp, cool and lightweight thinner jean cut cords suited for autumn and summer to the warm and softer chunky trouser cut cords taking the limelight in the winter months.

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Henry Blofeld - Ask Blowers

Henry Blofeld OBE: recently retired sports journalist, broadcaster and Peter Christian fan is lending his unmistakable voice and uncompromising style to our new series of sartorial advice films “Ask Blowers”. In-between takes we took the opportunity to ask Henry a few questions.

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A Gentleman’s Guide For Summer Dressing

To dress appropriately in the peak of summer a combination of comfort and style is key. The components you need to take into account are colour, material and fit. Light colours reflect heat and darks absorb, so think bright and light if you want to stay cool.

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Lord Trousers Meets James Young

In the first of our series of “Lord Trousers meets” we chat with James Young, scion of the Young’s brewing family and now its senior member, about beer, boots and alpacas. Living deep in rural West Sussex, James is often found in a waxed jacket and corduroys, but do not jump to the conclusion that Mr Young is a tweedy countryman; a glance at his footwear reveals a lover of Americana.

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The Art Of Dressing - The Prince of Wales Suit

How should you wear a Prince of Wales Suit, I hear you cry? Lord Trousers' Sartorial Advisor tells us the history and how to wear the most regal of casual weaves - the Prince of Wales Check.

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Get A Hat

Scrolling through some marvellous old footage of VE day recently, I was struck how, in the early years of the last century, everyone wore a hat. Everyone. Silent crowd scenes were punctuated by the air filling with flying boaters, bowlers or flat caps, enthusiastically launched by their wearers.

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The Art Of Dressing - The Waistcoat

How should you wear a waistcoat, I hear you cry? Let Peter Christian’s Sartorial Advisor show you how in our first Art of Dressing episode, just keep him away from the snuff. Lord Trousers.

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Nice And Tweedy Does It Every Time

This weekend, I charged my man Harry the Hat with the task of putting all my Peter Christian summer lightweights back into mothballs. However, I can never contain a slight frisson of excitement as I bring out my autumn wardrobe.

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10 Well Dressed Gentlemen To Follow On Instagram

I have been dabbling with Instagram of late and have to say I think it's great. It is full of interesting gents wearing great clothes, so I have created a list of some of my favourite well dressed men on Instagram who are really worth a follow.

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Denim – for men who don’t have to try… too hard

Denim. Those of us of a certain age will remember the iconic aftershave advert of 1979, wherein a bloke becomes irresistible after a splash of the eponymous pong. Now I remember the scent being something close to a sweetish mosquito repellent, but nevertheless the appeal of the denim shirt lives on.

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Olympic Dressing & How To Achieve Sartorial Gold

The Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016 are upon us or, for my non Portuguese speaking friends, The Rio 16 Olympics. Scanning the sports pages on Sunday, a few alarm bells began to ring about how our national team might represent themselves sartorially.

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Chocks Away!

7/26/2016 9:00 AM

A Brand New Bag

Patchy Summer weather and a wobbly post-Brexit Euro has made many of us hum and hah over travel arrangements and making plans. Being a last-minute sort of fellow, I took advantage of a few air miles and a favourable exchange rate on the Morroccan dib-dob to take a few days in Marrakech.

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Top Hellraisers

What’s in a name? – A gnashing of Keef. While researching the last journal entry, regarding my favourite, stylish hellraisers, I couldn’t help but notice how many roués and rogues have rejoiced in the name Keith.

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Top Hellraisers

A while ago I posted the anniversary of Peter Christian hero, Oliver Reed’s birthday on our social media pages, want as I am to remember his like. The positive response from friends of Peter Christian was unsurpassed.

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